Hunt Item Preview

The designers joining the Satisfashion group been FANTASTIC. Seeing such a diverse set of styles and skills combine is truly exciting to me as a designer and a most importantly, a shopper. There are designers that encompass fashion for all SL walks of life, from neko to debutante and everything in between (yes.....even men's fashion, something I personally think is lacking at times).

With the group launch approaching, the items that the designers have been creating for the Hunt have been truly amazing. I want to give each of them a most sincere thank you for their dedication to helping us make the group a success.

I am planning to regularly feature some items here on the blog. Pictures for all hunt items are available at the Satisfashion Headquarters ( so come on by or check back with the blog regularly.

For the initial installment, I am gonna feature the Satisfashion founders.

Ali Couture (Alia Rabeni)

DivaLicious (Jodi Szapira)

kARNAL rAGE (Mikhail Meriman)


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