On behalf of Satisfashion we would like to thank all the Talented designers that make up our Fashion group. They worked very hard to provide you with their very best exclusive gifts. Their hard work and vision definitely does not go unnoticed. Thank you Big D's for making Satisfashion and this Launch a success!!!!!

To our members.. thank you for your interest in our fashion group and we will be doing our best to provide you continous fashion.. Where SATISFASHION IS GUARANTEED!!!!

HERE IS THE LIST .. thank you and happy hunting...

The hunt begins TO DRAPE U IN FASHION , the hanger you seek around silk

2 Silk Dreams
The devil made me wear it.

3Gems & Kisses

4 Karnal Rage
This gift can be hazardous to ur health

5 Not Without You
Revelon, Mabeline, COVER girl

6 Essential Soul
take your time to learn how to be an essential soul....

If you're a member you will see how easy it is to get something for FREE
Take a seat and you will find something close and sexy in mind

8 Dead Dolls
you better have an unbridled and uncontrollable desire to sew...

Hanging with FUSSY May give u gift .

10 DivaLicious
Hunting can be hard work, have a rest - be careful where you sit.

11 M.E.Fashion
A dress is not a good dress without accessories

12 NL Limbo ---------store has moved follow this link please

13 Insatiable Fashions
follow the freebies! The gift may be closer than you think :)

14 *Energy Menswear*
Hey Cowboy , be a bad boy will put ya in the corner

15 Fire GOOD
Look for butterflies to find the prize

16 Designs By Capri ---
Kiss and dont tell

17 Alexohol Fashions
It's looking a little green

18 Frangipani Garden
Clever bunnies are employed as shop assistants for *Frangipani

19 Jazmyn D
Girls just love to dress up in chic formal dresses!

20 badkatz
Coffee, Tea or ME

21 Studio Nails
Don't be a SQUARE!...Studio Nails is THE Golden Nail shop in SL.

22 Clover Main
The Winter Princess Gown could never be placed on a metal hanger!

Only wussies need hints.... but, I guess it is a lovely hanger, worthy of a womans touch.

24 Never Ever
a clotheshanger you need alltimes there where clothes are.

25 QT Clothing
There's a nice sea view around the QT Clothing logo!

Look for the stars, up above

27 Different Drummer Designs
Right out in the open, it's not hideously hard to find...

28 Jairis
NEAR something truly brilliant

29 AHC
Camouflage can hide many things.....

30 Papillon's
Look for LACEY!

31Donettas Discoveries
Strong as a Pillar

32 Bubblegum Boutique
Aren't The models Beautiful?

33 Kiko Life
Effervescent H2O Is Where You Will Find Your Joy Times Eight

34 :Robbish: - Design
"Jeans always need a hanger, but of course."

35. ::: IrEn::::
The Trees knows all ...

36 Lost Dreams Designs
is it dark or light fix it

37 Leisha Bravin

38 [BedlaM Inc]
tps are filtered...walk down the road to bedlam....
hint:.. the mona lisa wears deadly Satin

39 JLZ Designs
Best whiskey must be top shelf

40 kiwi
where hangers must be arranged

41 Venus
Blonds have more fun or do they!

42 R.A.R.E. DesignX -----
Is beauty only SKIN deep.

43 Steambound
The Best in the WEst

44 Vanity Designs Inc
Look somewhere around the "locks"

45 BalAni
Someone Cornered Me

46 Samsara Design Clothes
The luck hanger will be among of the others hangers"

47 Mine Jewelry
Ansel and I are hanging around together.

48 Maverick Avatar Design
Close to the door.. I don’t want u to leave my bed

49 Kabuki Creations
A great place to enjoy long chats, and sipping wines , pass the bubbly

50 WoE
You just might get lucky and find this one easily

51 For Eternity
Join the happy family

52 B&F Poseworx
Hunting can be hard. Take a rest!

How do you divide 1 into 2?

54 Chez Gabrielle
Down the center aisle then look ....to the left, to the left :D

55 Juicy Pop
Oops! I think I dropped it under the table!!

Cock a doodle do

57 Rara Avis
Sometimes the raven hangs his coat here.

58 Touch of Ireland
Treasures of Ireland can often be found over the rainbow!

59 Sweeter Than Candy
I'm up front....with the tequila!

60 Totem Surfwear
did u graduate in underwater basketweaving?

61 Wild Creations
You'll find me in the back room Hanging around the custom works board

62 Lixena Marcus
It is always good to take time to smell the flowers.

63 *Foxchase Designs*
You'll find me in the back room Hanging around the custom works board

64Vextra Messing Design
At the bar with a Daiquiri .......

65 Slacy's http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aloha%20Sea%20Star/12/203/333

66 Entropy Designs
Whats new Pussy Cat..... ?

67 Gumi's Bad Box
Something Silky and a place to sit and enjoy the view

68 Ancient Tree Kimono Shop
Dont forget to remove ur shoes

69 LUXus
Who wants a drink??


You'll find me hanging around the busts ;)

SHE was on safari when she lost her hanger

Look to the sky!

Angels pass through here


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